Who we are

Casadevall was founded in Barcelona in 1970 by the family Casadevall, with a core group of skilled carpenters manufacturing displays and cabinets for watches and jewelry. Devotion, outstanding quality and high service standards rapidly unfolded Casadevall as a multinational company, world-wide renowned for production of high-end boutique environments and POS material for global luxury brands.


We have established own factories in China, Romania, Spain, Bangladesh and Gambia, hereto offices, shop-fitting teams and logistic partners located to cover delivery in every country and continent around the globe. This makes Casadevall group one of the largest and most resourceful POS manufacturer in the world.


Our business units en-globe packaging, displays and freestanding showcases, as well as boutiques and central mass production of modular fixtures store roll-outs worldwide. Within our large infrastructure of production high-end automatized production facilities, and specialized teams with decades of experience in POS, we offer flexible production solutions to accomplish global roll-out and at the same time comply with the specific needs of each market and project, maintaining always the best quality, strict lead time and competitive pricing.


Even today, as a multinational group, Casadevall is still a family company by core and values; building on long-term relations and strong bonds to our employees, stakeholders and brands, which gift the company with a treasure of valuable know-how and expertise in POS creation - and the passionate devotion by our more than 400 employees.


As a European company by heart and mindset, CSR is a natural part of our company philosophy and business objectives, and our factories are managed in top-levels as well as in production lines on equivalent values and quality standards worldwide. Herewith our factories out-stands for the healthy and secure environment, social welfare, and environment sustainability, in which we are certified by the relevant international organizations, and certify our own supply chain by the same code of conduct.


With our extensive manufacturing luxury retail POS material, global infrastructure and proactive spirit, we aim to deliver projects which not only meet, but exceed expectations.


What we do

Our experienced in-house designers create and original designs and 3D renderings for the optimal performance of brand and product.


We pro-actively apply our ideas and expertise adding value aspects in impact, differentiation, quality, engineering, cost-effectiveness, security, work-functions / ergonomics and latest technology.


The ideas are presented and tested in detail by technical drawings and renderings, always supported by the latest research technologies and innovation.



What we do

We develop form, colors and materials, for best quality-price relation, converting the outlines of the brand project into prototypes and samples, before setting into production.


We select the optimal materials following the Brand guidelines, test quality at our UV, humidity and heat test department, to assure the materials stand the conditions in the store and under transportation, and we can herewith predict color fastness and life-cycle of the selected materials.


Hereto chemical testing of interaction between products and materials can be made, to avoid risk of tarnishing of products and to accomplish with local market due diligence.


For SIS and boutiques, we build entire store fixture mock-ups for approval of new concept fixtures. We value engineer the optimal construction and solutions to fit every budget and target. With our extensive 40-years' experience we create differentiated and highly optimized modular systems, for modules to fit in every retail space, SIS as well as large concept stores.


What we do

Production is carried out on our factories in China, Romania, Bangladesh, Gambia or Spain, according to requested market location, project type and scale - all sites producing under equal quality standards and continuously matching material and process innovation, to offer our customers a unified brand image in every corner of the world.


We adapt processes, human and technical resources to the needs of each specific project and brand.


Key materials processed in-house: Wood, metals upholsteries, textiles, injected plastic incl. biodegradable plastics, organic pulp materials, etc.




- Assembling halls

- Upholstery

- Plastic Injection

- Automatized assembling lines

- Hots-tamping, Silk screen, water-transfer

- Painting tunnels and cabinets

- CNC machinery

- Edge banding machinery

- Water-cut, laser-cut machinery

- Polishing areas

- Sanding areas


"Smart Fixtures"

We are continuously working to offer our clients the most vanguard technologies integrated in the POS Brand environment.


We advise on "smart fixtures" and centrally managed digital sign-age solutions, integrate latest impacting screens and interactive displays, holograms, interactive applications etc. to create the optimal shopping experience, relational marketing and service.


With sensors installed in the POS, you can know how many users are in the store or close to a specific product and observe the affluence of people around a product or brand, compared to the total amount of assistance.


Obtain statistics of affluence and proximity among the total amount of people, hours, entry times, the assistance of people to an event and when they leave.


Split up the data by products and area of influence.



Casadevall covers project management and shop-fitting globally, in every corner of the world.


Each region is managed directly from the factory team, regional office or by a consolidated service partner.


Our local teams also cover maintenance and after-sales.


We handle stock of finished products at our warehouse facilities in each region and manage logistics till the destinations requested, being central or local market hubs.


Shipping and customs related documentation is processed by each of our professional teams at the factories.


Shop-fitting, on-site assembling and construction is managed directly from our strategically placed factories and offices or by our network of local service partners spread all-over the world.


We offer full warranty on our manufacture and thereto extended post-sales maintenance, custom made subject to request.


... We cover every corner and airport of the world!


What we care

With a centralized project management, a constant communication flow and training among our own factories worldwide, we assure a unified quality of the product no matter where it is produced. Well aware of the importance of a unified Brand image for luxury Brands, we offer our strictest guarding of the Brand store image according to the global Brand guidelines from material selection to installation.


Being a European company it is our vision and devotion to keep unified standards in the factories, being internal conditions for our employees as well as external processes, driving sustainable processes with the support from global consulting companies and with the relevant certifications always up to date.


Our factories in China, Romania and Spain are all certified in ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environment. We organize our processes to reduce environmental impact the best possible, with internal recycling systems of plastic, water and wood rest material to produce with recycled products, reducing therewith use of raw material an CO2 emission of transport. Continuous market research in sourcing of sustainable materials and partnerships allow us to offer our customers bio-plastics and recycled materials, etc., in the projects where these can be used.


Our Social welfare of the employees and security conditions are certified by SA 8000.


Our supply chain of wood and paper materials accomplish with the FSC standards.


Our Security processes are verified by GSV accomplishing with the CTPAT regulations established from USA.


We hold the guiding principles of the UN global compact very high and continuously work on improving our CSR performance, for which we are in close cooperation with The Danish Trade Council in China.


Casadevall is compromised to the Guiding principles of the UN global compact.


We continuously work on improving our CSR performance, and our suppliers, for which we are in cooperation with governmental institutes as The Danish Chamber of Commerce in China.


Casadevall factory in China counts with a core group of employees working with us for more than 10 years. This strong HR value, skillets and knowledge is a treasure in the field - and our employees' loyalty and wellbeing create a warm and positive environment. A clear indicator is our post CNY return rate on 99%.